Let me introduce you to FROG & SLIM

Brand Creator & Co-Founder, Mark Reck

What is a "Modern" SupperClub?

Beginning in the 1930's and 40's throughout the upper mid-West, Supperclubs began to pop up as social clubs where guests would tend to spend entire evenings dining and being social - from cocktail hour to late night dancing and live music. With a menu that was simple at the time, prime rib, steaks, chicken, and fish - the food would become American standards to this day. Often, these Social clubs would have an appearance of high class, but offered affordable evenings on the town.

These SupperClubs were also known for the amazing Jazz and Blues artists that would sit in for impromptu gigs and play until the sun came up. Artists like Betty Bee Bop Carter, Sunny Clay, The Pharoe, Mugsy, Mr. T (long before the A Team) and Long Tall Dexter to name a few - became legends wherever SupperClubs popped up.

Making it Modern

Our begining was really quite simple: recreate the vibe that was the supperclub with approachable value. A place to spend the evening with classic American cuisine, amazing cocktails and Getting Social again with great friends.

We started by creating a room unlike any other - cool, hip, unique & rustic, while at the same time filling it with the beat of legends past and present. Next we recreate classic cocktails that time forgot with technique and flair, locally crafted brews that fit our style, and a thoughtfully curated wine list; blending California giants with hidden gems sure to become favorites. Finally, we search for the Chef that gets it. Blending classical French stylistics with American standards, Executive Chef Christian Viau has elevated the supperclub menu to memorable heights.


So far the number one question asked, why the name FROG & SLIM?

Easy answer - we are different. The longer answer, as I tell people, is that there was some beverages involved, time on the golf course and listening to jazz standards in the ear buds. Remembering times gone by and envisioning the days ahead in creating a unique room and vibe - I recalled all of the unsung musical pioneers and the nicknames that set them apart and made them recognizable to their followers. Ben Frog Webster, Mel Torme - The Velvet Frog, Buster Leap Frog Benett and Bulee Slim Gaillard was about as far down the memory rolodex I needed to go before FROG & SLIM became our identity.

That is the begining of our story, our Modern Supperclub with a funky name. Chef Christian, Robert, Scott and myself look forward to seeing you at FROG & SLIM so that you become part of our story and us a part of yours. Let's get social again! - Mark